Lil Yachty Criticizes Fans Who Thought Drake’s ‘For All The Dogs’ Would Release This Week

Drake fans faced disappointment this morning as they once again awoke to find no fresh album from Aubrey Graham. The much-anticipated drop, titled “For All The Dogs,” had been tantalizingly hinted at by the Toronto music sensation over recent weeks. This past Friday (August 25) seemed particularly auspicious, and fellow rapper Lil Yachty, a close pal of Drizzy’s, didn’t waste time in adding a sardonic twist.

The buddy of Drizzy’s playfully hopped onto a social media platform to jest at those who harbored hopes of the LP’s unveiling on that day. “Y’all might have jumped the gun a bit, nobody even mentioned ‘For All The Dogs’ dropping tonight,” he humorously noted.

The majority of fans took the lighthearted comment in stride, with some even leveraging the post to highlight other ongoing music releases. “Yachty and Drake are probably aware that tonight belongs to Victoria Monét,” one user quipped in response.

A different individual took a moment to offer insight into why fans had good reason to believe the album would be released today, referencing the past promotional strategies of the artist behind “Hotline Bling.” “It’s not just that,” they typed. “Normally, when artists reveal the album cover art, they tend to release the album within the same week. Drake has consistently followed this pattern for his last three projects. It was a natural assumption that he would stick to this approach, especially considering his history of surprise releases.”

Yet, as Lil Yachty astutely noted, Drake had never officially disclosed a specific release date for the album.

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