Fact 1: Real Name

Honey Singh's real name is Hirdesh Singh. He was born on March 15, 1983, in Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

Fact 2: Education

He studied music at the Trinity School in the United Kingdom. This is where he honed his music skills.

Fact 3: Musical Start

Honey Singh began his music career by composing music for underground artists in Delhi. He was passionate about hip-hop music from a young age.

Fact 4: Bollywood

His big break in Bollywood came with the movie "Singham" in 2011. He composed hit songs for the film, making him a household name.

Fact 5: Controversy

Honey Singh has faced controversy for some of his lyrics, which some people found offensive. He took a break from the music industry to focus on more positive and socially conscious music

Fact 6: Comeback

He made a successful comeback with the song "Makhna" in 2018, winning back fans with his music.

Fact 7: Versatile Artist

Apart from singing and composing music, Honey Singh has also acted in movies like "The Xposé" and "Zorawar."

Fact 8: Philanthropy

He is known for his philanthropic work and has supported various social causes.

Fact 9: Award

Honey Singh has won several awards for his music, including numerous MTV and Filmfare awards.

Fact 10: Global Recognition

His music has not only been popular in India but has also gained recognition globally, making him one of the most famous Indian music artists.