What is Threads App

Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, has introduced a new app called Threads, which aims to compete with Twitter

Connect in a Whole New Way

Threads redefines the way we connect by focusing on text-based conversations. Engage with friends, creators, and communities.

Express Yourself

Create threads that reflect your thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

Seamless Integration with Instagram

Threads connects effortlessly with your Instagram account. Your username and verification badge are reserved for you.

Engage, React, and Connect

Jump into threads to participate, react, and interact with the commentary, humor, and insights shared by creators and friends.

Take Control of Your Conversations

Manage who can view your content, reply to your threads, and mention you. Your conversation environment is in your hands.

Stay Up to Date with Threads

Never miss out on the latest trends and live events. Receive notifications from your favorite profiles' new threads.